Ever Wondered About Opening a Bike shop?

Hi, Pedal People!

New post over at G&O Family Cyclery!

Actually, wait a minute…

I just decided, all future Riding On Roadways posts will be over there. Because, now that Baby Oil is 1 and the new shop is .5 and I am ready to commit to blogging again I realize that I’d like to just bring it all over there, to familycyclery.com/blog . All past posts from this site are now available there.

I’m gonna keep this site up and maybe sometimes post something exclusively here, if there is some reason to do so. I’ll try to post notes like this one to direct you to new posts over there for a while, but I’ll probably give up on that before too long.

What I am trying to say is, I’ve missed you, Pedal People! And I hope you’ll come join me at familycyclery.com/blog !

Today’s post is a picture story of the opening of G&O.

Go! Read!

Here’s a preview.




IMG_7530 IMG_7281

IMG_7631 IMG_8005 IMG_8188