G&Opening. Softly.

Well, I told you I had big G&O Family Cyclery news up my sleeve and I do!

This Friday we will be opening (softly!)

Friday, October 11th! We’ll be open for business from noon to six!

G&O Family Cyclery

8417 Greenwood Ave N!

About a mile North of the zoo, a little bit south of Top Ten Toys, around the corner from Gorditos, next door to Neptune Coffee.

Now, this’ll be a soft opening, as we have many kinks still to work out. We’ll be ready for repairs and sales, but some services and some of our stock may not be quite ready. Bear with us. Your enthusiasm so far has been so appreciated!

But don’t worry! While we’ll still have a little decorating to do by Friday, it’d be great to show you some of our fantastical, magical bicycles.

Gee! and, Oh! The Bikes.

Come by and see the amaaaazing Larry Vs Harry Bullitt! Able to haul your family or your dog or your washing machine and corners like a dream!

Visit the astooounding Xtracycle EdgeRunner! How can something so original feel so familiar? Made for hauling kids in the great Northwest, and it does!

Gaze upon the Tern Cargo Joe! A folding longtail cargo bike? No, it can’t be true!

Take the Surly Big Dummy out for a spin! With newly designed racks and bags, this grand dame of the longtail scene just got herself a new act!

Unpack the stupendous Brompton folding bike! There has never been a better folding bike made. Seriously. This thing is the stuff. Made in London, entirely out of crumpets. (That’s why it is so light.)

For the kids we’ve got Burly MyKick, the most fun on two wheels you can have without pedals!

We’ll be rolling out more bikes as they become available, including custom builds of the Soma ES and Beuna Vista and the Cylefab Billy Goat cycle truck, exclusive to G&O!

Or, just come by and say, “Hi!” We are nice guys and we’d be real happy to see you!

Come out for a test ride! We’ll be in every day but Monday from now until everyone has all the bikes they want. Check in at familycyclery.com for news.