So Long, Summer! Photo Roundup

Hi, Pedal People!

Davey Oil here with a quick update on how the end of our summer went. So much happened this Summer! The Oil clan grew by one with the arrival of Baby Oil. He’s lovely, but not too into bikes at this point, so I’m leaving him out of this here update. I’m also going to leave G&O Family Cyclery news out of this one. There is very big news, but for now I wanna focus on the things that Little Oil and I encounter thanks to our bikes.

This is what GoGo, our Electric Xtracycle Edgerunner looked like all summer. I love that bike.

Speaking of Xtracycle. Here is their new headbadge! “The Happy Porter” Cute, right?

And here is Xtracycle’s touring van. It needs to be so big because the bikes are big. And Robert has a bed in there!

Little Oil and the Family Ride kids took part in a Pedalheads camp open house day. Little was the only one on a ballance bike and even though she’d been practicing for almost a year at that point, she wasn’t so much scooting her bike as she was dragging it beneath her. We hoped for some fun and some improvement in her technique.

Here’s Madi FamilyRide. Showing her dedication to good blogging and her faith in her Rolling Jackass Centerstand.

Little went from timid and frustrated with her balance bike to…

An urban hipster. A U-Locking cool kid!

Teleporter Pad Ahead.

Cool DIY trailer spotted at Bicycle Sunday.

Seattle Critical Mass has been lovely in recent months. Still small, like a couple dozen folks, but intimate and fun.

Greenwood family bikes. The Bike Friday Tandem! Cool bike.

And parked here next to it is this Yuba Boda Boda! Looking good!

A non-traditional Greenwood family out for a ride.

Brompton in the shoe rack. Longtime dream realized. WIthout a doubt my first big purchase from G&O Family Cyclery will be a Brompton. They are so much fun to ride, and just look at it there! I haul this demo bike around on an Xtracycle all the time and it couldn’t be simpler.

Spotted this Capital Bike Share bike all the way from DC. Wrong Washington, dood!

Family biking has made it to billboards? Okay, sure!

And here’s the big Little Oil. Bigger every day.

She reps for G&O. And eats fruit from the market.


Bonus! We’ve been riding with the Hooptie installed on GoGo the EdgeRunner. To say Little Oil loves it is an understatement. Sometimes when we walk down the street she just shouts at people, “I have a Hooptie!” Which they don’t comprehend. I think she really feels like a big kid, sitting straight on the deck. Anyhoo, here’s how it looks on GoGo:

She usually sits down for the ride.

And sometimes, she falls right to sleep! I was fairly concerned about this part. Since Little tends to pass out easily on the bike I worried that the Hooptie might not keep her contained enough. I am happy to report that she was well contained this time.

And COMPLETELY adorable! But was she really sleeping?

Psst! Little Oil? You awake?

Yeah, she was out.

Okay, be well, Pedal People! I’ll be back really soon with some news about G&O Family Cyclery.