Spotted in the Wild: A Cargo Bike in Progress, (and G&O update)

Cool Cargo Bike Week Continues! We are almost to the end of my parade of noteworthy DIY rigs Spotted in the Wild during the month of June. If you come to this site for pictures of my cute kids, updates on G&O Family Cyclery, or overlong articles about parenting, don’t worry! We’ll be resuming regular programming soon. The bike-nerdery levels will stabilize, I promise!

Anyhoo, this one is nice and short. The other day Tyler and I were bringing a couple of Raleigh 2o frames to Equinox Studios, home of frequent collaborator, Haulin’ Colin and his partners in custom metalwork, CycleFab. (Psst! CycleFab is producing exclusive Seattle cycle trucks in the style of my bike Ruby for G&O Family Cyclery!)

While we were there we spotted something very intriguing. This 20 inch wheeled cargo bike, still in progress, but obviously rideable! 

It looks like that big mast down the middle of the bike will serve as a support for cargo platforms or racks. The design reminds me of this bike from David Wilson, but with a tough-but-fun overall geometry which probably comes from frame builder Garth L’Esperance’s experience making custom frames for bike polo.

Also note the tandem crankset, with chainrings on the bike’s non-drive, or left side. Will this bike be fitted with a mid-drive e-assist? An Urban Commuter or a Stokemonkey, perhaps? Spill the beans, Garth! That’s a pretty cool bike!

Until next time… What? Oh, okay! You want some G&O Family Cyclery updates?

Here’s some news:

  • opening a shop is taking longer than expected, as expected. still on track to open this summer, but it’ll be a few weeks yet,
  • we are building a sweet website,
  • we started a tumblr blog, stuffing it mostly with pics and videos of stuff that inspires us as we prepare the cutest darn bike shop imaginable,
  • we are the exclusive Seattle area dealers for the Larry Vs Harry Bullitt, and are available for test rides pretty much all the time! email me,
  • we are now Xtracycle dealers! EdgeRunners now available for pre-order! and test rides, too,
  • thanks to talented designers and craftspeople like Lacey, Michelle and Kenna, we are almost done with our space remodel! it is gonna be really cute,
  • working with gifted graphic designer and cartoonist Dalton Webb, we finalized the black & white version of our logo, this:

Cool, right?

Okay, nice talking with you! What was that again? My kids? Okay, real quick before we say, “Goodbye!”

Little Oil, not so little any more.

Baby Oil, still very little!

Okay, now I mean it, Goodbye!