Spotted in the Wild: Recumbent Tandem with DIY Passenger Area

As Tyler and I plug away at the remaining tasks of opening G&O, I get to familiarize myself with the ride between my home on Capitol Hill and the shop in Greenwood. I love having a new commute! Learning new routes, climbing new hills, finding new reverse-commute buddies to wave at, (Hi, Mr Mayor! I saw you every day last week!). I also love that I have a whole other half of Seattle’s worth of cargo bikes to Spot in the Wild! Awesome.

Meet Kyle, Miles and Evan. They were kind enough to pull over on the Fremont Bridge when a shouting weirdo with a blog and a camera phone flagged them down.

 Hi! They were real nice folks.

Three on a ‘bent! They were coming from Kyle’s work. Mom often drops the boys off at the end of the day so that they can all ride home together. Awwww!

Kyle used to work for Advanced Transportation Products, the company responsible for the Vision line of recumbent bikes. They were made in the USA!

Now Kyle’s a carpenter. You can see his woodworking skills on display here. They’ve used this DIY kids seat mounted to a sturdy bike touring rack for a while now. Sounds like it has worked really well for them. Evan seems to like it!

Kyle says they’ve had as many as five people on this beast! Kyle piloting up front, Mom in the stoker seat with a baby in a carrier and the Evan and Miles on the DIY seat! Wow! That’s  some serious Pedal Parenting right there.

Stay tuned for more bikes recently Spotted in the Wild, as well as updates on G&O Family Cyclery, our brand new Baby Oil and other news, personal, professional and Pedal Parental!