Spotted at the Co-Op Bike Rack, Vol 2

Outside of bike culture events, and at work, which is like one long bike culture event, we pretty much only see family bikers in the wild at the farmers market and at the food co-op. This is a little depressing, but it also makes sense, cause grocery shopping is a chore and parents are people with chores to do. Also, cargo cyclists are working hard! They get hungry.

Justin and George

George is a pretty big kid, 3, 4? He seemed really happy that we liked his trailer, a Chariot. Chariots are cool. Along with Burley they are probly the most popular brand. They convert to jogging strollers and lots of folks use them that way. As you can see, there is a flag flying off the back of the trailer. I assume this is because the trailer is lower than the bike and you need to make sure drivers know you are hauling something. That is an aspect of trailers that feels less safe to me. On the other hand, quality trailers are built with a hitch connecting it to the bike that has enough pivot that if the rider falls over the trailer will usually stay upright. It can be hard to confidently avoid potholes with trailers, as they have a different wheel track than your bike. But on the other hand if a trailer does tip over the passenger has a bit of a roll cage protecting them.

Justin and George confirmed that it is cool that George has his own compartment to load up with his own stuff. He also falls asleep very easily in there, something I was super jealous of as I was mostly riding around hoping to knock Lil’ Oil out.

I personally prefer having Little Oil on the bike with me. But there is no denying that trailers are a great option for some families.

Nice Ride, Nice People, Justin and George!