Ped-Thru Photo Roundup

When I knocked, there was no answer.

Post the revolution, every such window shall be “Ped-Thru.”

New bike craft!

Diamond, or Harlequin Wrap! Fancy and fun to do!

Nice rack.

These staple racks in Fremont have rubberized edges, presumably to spare your paintjob. That’s a cool idea!


Regular size bike with 20 inch wheels! Fun to ride, not that different feeling from other twenties I’ve ridden.


We borrowed this beautiful beast for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. Her name is “Bernice” and she is Morgan’s recumbent, electric assist heavy-duty cargo trike. She’s actually a commercially available pedicab from a company called Organic Engines.

Room for several passengers.

We called a friend of mine and told him we’d pick him up, which he thought was funny, since he knows I don’t drive. Then we arrived on Bernice and took him for a scenic tour of Capitol Hill. Shows him!


Just fine for napping.


Back on Rainier Ave. Sudden total flat. Didn’t take long to find the puncture.


Hot lion’s head top tube badge.

Isn’t that just… lovely?

Wheelio, a big long bike, hauls her friend Goldfinger, a small long bike. Then they park at the park for a quick swing on the swings and pose for some pix.

God, I love bikes.