PDX Cargo Bike Roll Call

On the day before my fun trip to Portland was to end, I was lucky enough to be attend a really neat event, a Cargo Bike Roll Call! This event was super convenient for me for several reasons. Some of my favorite Portlanders were already going. The event was held at Hopworks Urban Brewery’s BikeBar, which is right next door to the Bike School where I was taking classes. And I was in Portland, in part, to soak in as many good ideas about how that fine city incorporates cargo bikes into its fabric. This will be especially useful in helping Madi from Family Ride to put on Seattle’s First Ever Cargo Bike Roll Call this coming Saturday. You should come! It is gonna be a blast!

The cargo bike roll call was one of the most interesting collections of bicycles I’ve ever seen. Some highlights:

  • Shetha’s Bilenky longtail (did you even know they made those? me neither. pic# 7077 and 7078)
  • Xtravois 2.0 from Clever Cycles and Quixote! (this was soooo cool to see in person, wish I’d given it a test ride. pic#7080 and 7128)
  • The awesome diy long john made from two classic 20′ wheel folding bikes (pic# 7107 and 7110)
  • The always lovely Metrofiets. (pic# 7103 and 7113)
  • The Splendid Cycles electric delivery Bullitt looks like it might be the most useful bike on the planet. (pic# 7087)
  • I guess the Trailhead Coffee Roasters bike is worth a mention, too. (pic# 7104, 7105 and 7122)
  • The closest a Zigo trike gets to being useful. (not nice, I know. pic# 7109)
  • The kids were all super cute. (pic #7115)
  • My new friends, and super cycling Bad-Ass Bakfiets Mamas, Kath and Emily (and some of their cool kids, too! pic# 7118, 7125, 7129 and 7130)



Hi, Bike Portland! Feel free and look around! Maybe you’d like to see some other pics from your fair City of Roses?