Spotted in the Wild Roundup

I am sooooo behind on filling you in on all of the wonderful bike events we’ve been to in the last month! It’s actually kind of amazing how much bikey/ personal news there has been to report. But with my new blogging pace of two or three posts a week (way healthier for me, thank you very much), rather than one a day (like an obsessive freak), I may not always report back to you on every single bikey thing we do. Sorry. We do do a lot of bikey things!

Heh. “Doo doo.”

I still might do a post on my first, (and definitely last) Zoobomb in Portland. I’ll definitely do a post on the Cargo Bike Roll Call I attended there, as well as the first ever South Seattle Kidical Mass Ride and Little Oil’s third Critical Mass. So at least you’ve got that to look forward to.

Aaaaaanyway and in the meantime, here are some cool things we’ve spotted in the wild recently.

From the warehouse, my new project bike. A Sears Tote-Cycle!

Hot chain guard! I think this bike and I are gonna get along fine!

Kid is fine now, but we visited Seattle Children’s early last week. What an amazing facility and what an amazing staff!

A rider from Seattle Century was wearing this crocheted fanny pack from Little Bags of Awesome. Awesome indeed!

Spotted this electrified Yuba Mundo at Cal Anderson Park. The nice Pedal Family who ride the thing are from Columbia City and say they are very happy with the bike. It was purchased from Alki Bike and Board, who are quickly emerging and a cargo bike shop in my mind. Exciting!

The Go-Getter bag on the Yuba is so damn big! Little Oil tried to climb inside.

But she quickly returned to her first love, Wheelio. “Look Papa, I’m Papa!”

Ben used to run a bike shop called Unreal Cycles, back when they were in Seattle and were a brick and mortar shop. He picked up his Xtracycle Free Radical kit at the Interbike trade show and he recons his might be from the first generation of the product. He loves his longtail and says it is very convenient for transporting his fire stick, which is what I’m always trying to tell people!

Cool backrest with buckles on this Trail-A-Bike.

This is the whole rig, spotted at the Capitol Hill Farmers Market. Sweet ride!

Kona Ute! Spotted at Columbia City Farmer’s Market! Dad, Jeff, works at one of my favorite Seattle schools Orca K-8 and had just dropped off kid number two at a class when I flagged them down to snap a pic and chat about their bike. Jeff is crazy about his cargo bike. He couldn’t compare it to other longtails (which is something I wanna do on this blog so bad!), but one thing he did say is that the included center stand is disappointing, easily tipping the bike during loading.

Eben likes the ride. Also, he learned to ride a two-wheeler this summer! Good job, kid! Thumbs up for rock-and-roll!

Yep, I just happened upon and hauled a vacuum cleaner for my friend Joe. A big one.

My best bike (Wheelio) at my favorite place (Bauhaus).