Gentrification is No Accident

I do a lot of work trying to promote cycling within communities which are traditionally marginalized by bike culture. Bicycle mobility is a sometimes contentious subject within some of those communities, especially when bike infrastructure is seen as a “white stripe of gentrification,” a spearhead for the forces seemingly gathered to displace communities of color.

Urban Adonia hits it right on the head yet again:

“Sustainability usually refers to ecology and economy, but the need to sustain our diverse urban places should also be in the foreground. When we lose diversity, we take away our opportunities to learn about other ways of life, to become comfortable in integrated neighborhoods. Americans need more of these opportunities, not fewer.”

Personally, I contend that all people deserve equal access to transportation and all communities can and should be built safely and livably. I don’t know what the magic formula for sustainable, liveable and just development is. I am pretty sure that it includes more voices of the traditionally displaced being sincerely listened to by planners, the gov’t and advocates. With this in mind, come on down for the Bikeability Tour of Southeast Seattle:

Please join the Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Cascade Bicycle Club, Beacon B.I.K.E.S., Bike Works, and Seattle Neighborhood Greenways for a Bikeability Tour” of Southeast Seattle on Tuesday, May 22, from 6 to 9 p.m.

The purpose of the Bikeability Tour is to identify challenges and opportunities for better to bicycling in Southeast Seattle, including what could be done to improve safety and connectivity through the area for bicycle riders of all ages and abilities.

We will congregate at Daejeon Park on the Mountains to Sound Trail at 6 p.m. and end the ride at El Quetzal on Beacon Ave at 8 p.m. for an hour of food and discussion of what we saw along the way. This ride is open to the public and attendance at both or either the ride and discussion is encouraged.

Event Location

Start from Daejeon Park on the Mountains to Sound Trail
1144 Sturgus Ave. S.

Seattle, WA
Image from the Art of City Building