Spotted in the Wild: Amazing DIY Kid Seat! -Updated!-

Check this out!

Awesome DIY kid seat, right? I was coming back from doing something or other at work the other day and I spotted this amazing contraption. If it looks like a waterproof, permanent kid-hauling seat made from materials available at any hardware store, that’s because it is!

Check out the clever attachment system. The seat is held on by those clamps and the tension on those rails running under the rack. There is even a failsafe chain (for theft prevention?).

A simple steel rod becomes foot pegs for the five year old passenger.

View from the right. I love this seat.

Here’s dad. He came back from a trip to Northern Europe, (aka, Bicycling Valhalla) with a lot of good ideas about making bikes a bigger part of his life. He came into Bike Works looking for some parts for another project and to do some work on this here bike. He got a very excited dude with a camera up in his face.

Thanks for being such a good sport, DIY Dad! Your Do-It-Yourself creativity and commitment to Pedal Parenting is inspiring! Keep up the good work, Nice Person!


I posted a response to what I read in the comments here and at the Craftblog, where this piece was reposted. Cheg it oot!