A Link to the Past: The Revolution Is Not A Dinner Party, But It Might Be A Cycle Tour

Have you ever listened to London’s the Bike Show? Its only the very best podcast on bikes and biking that I know of. While I recommend subscribing and going back to the beginning and listening to every single episode I especially want to direct your attention to this episode from last October which features an inspiring and wonderful talk by the London School of Cycling‘s Patrick Field. The talk starts at 15:00 and is from the Intelligence Squared cycling festival.

Here’s one of my, like thirty stand up and cheer moments;

“The fantasy among our rulers, that bicycling would whither away to nothing has been superseded. They’ve recognized the value of cycle use. That the bicycle is a solution to a raft of problems: global warming, motor traffic congestion, and the elephant in the room, the public health time bomb of sedentary living. Like all sensible people, they look forward to bicycling catching on with ordinary folk. Their new fantasy is that these people will take up traveling by bike but remain unchanged by the experience. That normal people will ride bikes and stay normal. This cannot be. People who ride bikes become happier, more optimistic, more self reliant, less fearful, less governable.”

Yeah! I wanna stand up and cheer again right now!

Go and have a listen. Any thoughts? Comment below!