At last, the world contains a blog by me!

Hello, early readers of Riding on Roadways!

Who the heck are you?

How did you find this page? Are you my wife? Please explain your presence here in the comments below.

And a special hello to all of you far-future historian-bots, assembling a picture of 21st century humanity through our bloggy emissions. We are very sorry for how we left things! Thanks for cleaning up. Hope you like the blog!

This’ll be a fun experiment, blogging. Let’s watch it shape up together, shall we? I promise to try to add some content every day for the first few months. Shouldn’t be too hard to find things to tell you, I have a very big mouth.

Some upcoming subjects!

  • My family, and how we get around! and we sure do get around.
  • My bikes, with pictures ’cause they are lovely and I’m proud!
  • Commute humor. and horror.
  • Seattle Bicycle Politics.
  • Why cars are just awful.
  • Stories of things that happened to me before I started this blog!
  • Racism, Classism, Sexism, Homophobia and the panoply of systemic oppressions, how they are real and how they relate to bikes.
  • God.
  • Maybe something about comics and movies every once and a while.
  • Reviews of every single product I own!
  • Other stuff!

Should be fun, right? Special thanks to my partner, Mz. Oil for setting this thing up. Luv ya!

See you tomorrow!